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Puella Magi Madoka Magica figma Pre-order

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

OH. MY. GOD. Amiami has just posted a Madoka (of Puella Magi Madoka Magica) figma, for pre-order for this September.

Can you guess how long I waited before placing my pre-order?

She looks so gorgeous! Because of the show’s unique esthetics, I had worried about how they were going to be portraying that in figma form. However, she looks better than I’d ever expect, and so much like the show. Take a look for yourself!

Holy shit yes!

Play-asia order page.

A review for the show itself is coming soon!

Play-Asia 20% Off Clearance Sale – Mark II

Monday, March 28th, 2011

They’ve got a few more things on sale! Damn, and after I already sent in my order. I’m sure most the stuff I want I’ll be able to find at Anime Boston. ;)

Click on the pictures to be taken to the Play-asia listing.

Yui Figma!

K-On! Houkago Live!! for PSP:

Catherine for PS3:

Blazblue Portable for PSP:

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva 2 for PSP:

Dance in the Vampire Bund, Vol. 6. I may hate this anime (ugh, Shinbo-isms galore!!), but this is a gorgeous cover.

Dissidia for PSP:

Wifi Max – this thing is incredibly frustrating, but it DOES work. I’m actually using it right now as a wireless modem. xD

OMG! Play-Asia 20% Off Clearance Sale!

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

Play-asia is having a 48 hour, 20% off clearance sale! This includes a ton of games, toys, figures, etc., including these adorable Tako Luka (Octopus Luka Megurine, Vocaloid) plushies:

Click on the pictures to be taken to the Play-asia listing.

This really freaking adorable Hello Kitty screen cleaner:

Hime-Chara Designer File (looks like a Vocaloid artbook goodness):

Ritsu and Yui (from K-On!) maid figurines:

GORGEOUS Odin Sphere figure (really wish I had enough $ so I could own this… and do a review on it. ;) ):

Adorable Asuka (Evangelion) Sega figure:

This is probably the cheapest price you’ll see for these Nendoroids. Get them during the sale!

Ciel Phantomhive Nendoroid:

Ui Nendoroid (K-On!)! If you want her, I highly recommend getting her now! She is sold out at Amiami!

Leina Nendoroid (Queen’s Blade):

Whoops, looks like Judge Mental bought the last Leina. ^^;

Yui and Mugi (K-On!) Special Edition Lolita Stage Nendoroid:

Cattleya (Queen’s Blade) Nendoroid:

Dead Master (Black Rock Shooter) Nendoroid:

And the adorable Black Rock Shooter Petit Nendoroid set:

Don’t forget to get something for dinner!

Against my better judgement, I ordered the Ui Nendoroid and the “> u<” face Tako plush. Now off to make more money to buy stuff at Anime Boston!

Kuroneko figma now available for pre-order!

Friday, March 18th, 2011

FINALLY! *explodes*

The Kuroneko figma is finally available for pre-order, through Amiami! (For those who prefer to purchase through Play-Asia, I’m sure they’ll be opening pre-orders soon! D:) Also available at Play-asia!

Is your Nendoroid a bootleg?

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Do you want to know how to tell if your Nendoroid is a fake? Having come into contact with a bootleg Miku, I have a small handful of tips for you.

1. Look at the eyes. Legitimate Nendoroids have printed eyes. If the eyes are painted onto the figure, it’s a bootleg.

2. Was the box sealed? Real Nendoroids from Good Smile Company have a small clear sticker on the top and bottom of the box to keep it sealed.

3. Is there a hologram sticker on the front? Not all Nendoroids have a holographic sticker on the front of the box above the Nendoroid number, but a lot of them do. If there’s no sticker, there’s a small chance it’s a bootleg.

4. Is there a small sheet of plastic to hold the molding in place? In the legitimate versions of these toys, between the plastic clamshells there’s a thin sheet of clear plastic, which protects the figure and keeps it from shaking around in the box. This is very common for Japanese toys, and one reason I really love that Japan respects the idea that these are collectibles.

These are the easiest ways that I have found to tell the difference between a real one and a fake. If you’re at a convention and need to know, look close at their eyes! If they’re painted, beware! It’s a fake!

I hope this helps you out on your search for genuine Nendoroid figures.

Kirino Kousaka Nendoroid – Review

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

*SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE~!* She’s here, she’s here, she’s here! The cutest of all tsundere bitches has arrived~! I managed to control my excitement until I had a chance to get photos.

This is my first Nendoroid, as well as one of my favorite anime characters of all time, so this was a really great experience for me.

Overall opinion – WOW. This is a really great figure. The pieces are so incredibly easy to exchange, and the stand actually fits and works with the character (unlike the stands for my Revoltech fraulein Rei and Yuria figures). The figure’s head is made of a nice, sturdy plastic, while the hair, arms, and clothes are made of a slightly squishy plastic. This makes squeezing the pegs into the tiny holes OH so simple and actually fun to do!

Box images:




AND NOW~ *drumroll~* Kirino~! Click on one of the images to open it in fullsize.

The toy comes with three heads/expressions, 4 sets of arms, a bag, Kirino’s cellphone, and two game/doujinshi sized squares, as well as stickers that you can use to decorate the boxes and Kirino’s bag. I didn’t notice them at first (I was far too excited and was already ripping her arms off), so I didn’t get any pictures of them. Here’s a closeup of the stand, which I don’t know how well you can see, but it actually has a mold of the bottom of Kirino’s skirt, to help hold her up!