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OMG! Play-Asia 20% Off Clearance Sale!

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

Play-asia is having a 48 hour, 20% off clearance sale! This includes a ton of games, toys, figures, etc., including these adorable Tako Luka (Octopus Luka Megurine, Vocaloid) plushies:

Click on the pictures to be taken to the Play-asia listing.

This really freaking adorable Hello Kitty screen cleaner:

Hime-Chara Designer File (looks like a Vocaloid artbook goodness):

Ritsu and Yui (from K-On!) maid figurines:

GORGEOUS Odin Sphere figure (really wish I had enough $ so I could own this… and do a review on it. ;) ):

Adorable Asuka (Evangelion) Sega figure:

This is probably the cheapest price you’ll see for these Nendoroids. Get them during the sale!

Ciel Phantomhive Nendoroid:

Ui Nendoroid (K-On!)! If you want her, I highly recommend getting her now! She is sold out at Amiami!

Leina Nendoroid (Queen’s Blade):

Whoops, looks like Judge Mental bought the last Leina. ^^;

Yui and Mugi (K-On!) Special Edition Lolita Stage Nendoroid:

Cattleya (Queen’s Blade) Nendoroid:

Dead Master (Black Rock Shooter) Nendoroid:

And the adorable Black Rock Shooter Petit Nendoroid set:

Don’t forget to get something for dinner!

Against my better judgement, I ordered the Ui Nendoroid and the “> u<” face Tako plush. Now off to make more money to buy stuff at Anime Boston!