Nintendo @ E3 – Finally Glad I Purchased A Wii U

I purchased a Wii U back on Black Friday for my household for two reasons:

1) It was on sale
2) It came with an extra controller, so I would now have a full set of 4 controllers, should any of these so called “friends” show up to hang out and want to play the Mario/Zelda box.

I didn’t have any games in mind other than Monster Hunter (which you can play multiplayer co-op against local 3DS players) when I bought it, but I knew it was really just a Donkey Kong and Zelda box, and that eventually Nintendo would release those and the $250 price tag would be justified. There’s not much else that’s been released so far that I’d rather play on the Wii U versus the PS3.

At E3 2014, Nintendo is finally making me glad that I purchased the Wii U. Aside from the surprise that was Mariokart 8.

Hyrule Warriors looks fucking awesome, and you can play as three amazing female characters (and Midna has Wolf!Link, so of course I was going to like it) as well as a super hunked out Link. I’m a big fan of the Dynasty Warriors/Musou games. Despite their repetition, it’s a lot of fun teaming up with a buddy and chopping the fuck out of people in a race against the clock, and planning out the best strategical moves. Like an MMORPG that you actually play. Especially as popular characters, such as from the Mobile Suit Gundam and Hokuto no Ken series.

They announced a Starfox game for the Wii U. Not a total surprise, but curious to see how they play this one out.

Yep. Pretty fucking cool. Looking forward to it.

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