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Fairy Type Confirmed

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Yea, this is a Pokemon X + Y post, because FUCK YEA FAIRY TYPE CONFIRMED!

(Awesome Fairly OddParents animation modification done by some amazing person that is not me.)

Getting ridiculously excited for my age for a Pokemon game.

Especially since Pokemon-Amie was announced. Nintendogs with Pokemon? Yes, please.

Cintiq 22HD vs. Cintiq 21UX 2nd Gen

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Anti-glare coated, screaming bastard

I found a 22HD on eBay (I know, don’t even go there) for about $1,772, free shipping, no taxes because it was shipping from MD. I bought it, nearly two weeks later it came in, I was excited and set it up and saw the manufacturing date.

July 2012.


My chances of having the screaming capacitors of Doom went up by 90% upon being cursed with that manufacturing date. I took a deep breath and looked the rest of it over. There was a scratch in the bottom left quadrant.

WELP this was going to go back for sure. I booted it up anyways. Screaming capacitors confirmed. I could see the scratch while it was on. It got packed back up immediately.

May have a dead pixel, but at least the picture is clear

I went to Craigslist and found a decent stealdeal on a 2nd Gen 21UX Cintiq. $1,200. No scratches. Very decent condition (it does have one dead pixel and a bit of dust under the cover).

Now, not a lot of people have made comparisons from the 21UX to the 22HD.

I prefer the 21UX. Not just because it fits better into my desk setup, either.

The biggest issue of the 22HD is something we’ve all read and complained about: the anti-glare coating. The coating on the 22HD was extremely uneven, to the point that chunks of the screen looked like someone had pressed their greasy thumb against the screen in areas. It was more harsh than my matte-panel ASUS LCD monitor and the screen protector on my iPhone (which glitters like a Twilight vampire at high noon in the middle of summer) – mainly because of the thickness of the particles in the coating.

I sincerely can’t even imagine how terrible and unclear it would look with the (very necessary since Wacom is a bunch of cheapasses and doesn’t use Gorilla Glass) screen protector on it.

On the other hand, the 21UX does have some minor anti-glare coating. It’s less aggressive than my ASUS monitor, and everything is extremely clear. Comparatively speaking.

As far as color goes, I can safely say that the colors on the 22HD and 21UX matched almost exactly. The contrast is darn similar (even though the 22HD boasts a 1000:1 ratio while the 21UX is more in the 500:1 range). I didn’t notice this with the 22HD, but the 21UX is actually brighter than my ASUS monitor by a visual 50%.

There are other physical differences (other than the obvious 1080HD and size differences). The 22HD’s black paneling has a soft, velvety coating that the 21UX does not have. The lack of such coating makes it less dust-prone. I think the 22HD is a tad thinner overall.

One thing that the 22HD has over the 21UX (besides the 1080HD resolution, stop reminding me) is that the cables are replaceable. The 21UX, on the other hand, is one solid cable that octopuses out at the end with all of the connectors.

The following is a PSA to Wacom:

Stop adding “anti-glare” to your Cintiq devices.
We are willing to pay extra to have a screen protector on our Cintiqs, which comes in matte, gloss, and SUPAH GLOSS.
The “anti-glare”, whether in film or in “etched glass” versions is terrible, and lowers the value of your product.
Just add a clause in your warranty that allows for use of your brand of screen protector, and sell matte screen protectors! This will allow the consumers to decide what kind of coating they want on their Cintiq, and still give your Cintiqs the paper feel that you have such a hard-on for.

Personally, I’d rather have a solid glass surface, with no coating what-so-ever, and no screen protector. The only way I can get this is if they start using Gorilla Glass (which I swear the first press release for the 24HDs had, but I may just be crazy because I can’t find that anywhere now).

I’ve heard that the “etched glass” on the 13HD is a vast improvement over the 22HD and 24HD’s “film”, but I haven’t been able to see one in person and if I have $1,000 to blow on something, I’d much rather spend it on a Samsung Smart PC Pro.