Sony PSN and Store Back Online!

Finally! The PSN apparently went down sometime around April 21st (Anime Boston was that weekend, therefore I wasn’t here when the bombshell hit!), but it’s finally back up! After leaking over 100 million Sony accounts (including the PSN, Qriocity, and other Sony-owned and operated websites) and being offline for around a month and a half!

What do we get out our inability to use the PSN? Our inability to use the Playstation store? Inability to stream Netflix through our PS3′s or, for some, even to play the games we purchased?

Why, two free games (which are some of the most popular games and which the majority of PS3 owners probably already own – Mental and I already own InFamous and LittleBigPlanet, the two best on there) and one month of Plus free, plus watch two or three so-so movies on us for *one* weekend. Oh, and you can get Sony to guard your identity for you, free!

I feel as though we deserve more compensation, personally. Either two free games out of ANY game available on the Playstation store, or at least two months of Plus free. :C After all, it was over a month worth of gaming and being able to even use a functional PS3 that I was out – getting just one month of that “back” is laughable.

BUT at least it’s back, I guess! I’m excited to finally be able to download the new demos.


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