A new update, finally!

Skyrim is in my hands, along with the special collector’s edition guide. There will be a review for both shortly.

But first off, I want to say this loud and upset: The “premium” map that came with the pre-orders? IS NOT CLOTH. I repeat:


Color me red. I was completely under the impression, along with what appears to be the majority of the fans, that it was going to be a burlap map. It’s a paper map, that is of slightly higher quality than normal paper. Not even bristol style paper. It doesn’t “have a feel similar to that of burlap.” It is a cheap, crappy, paper map. Why did I bother pre-ordering and standing in line for hours? I could have gone out tomorrow or waited until the game was $20 a month from now to get it with a slightly shittier, but still PAPER, map.

Well, Skyrim is currently installing, so once I get out of my Skyrim-coma, I will update with a review of the game and the CE strategy guide. In the meantime, check out my favorite Skyrim-related video.


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