Ladies Versus Butlers! – Review

Ladies Versus Butlers!
Ladies Versus Butlers! (れでぃ×ばと!, Redi×Bato!), affectionately known in this blog from here on out as LadyButt, is a crazy harem anime about a teenaged boy named Hino Akiharu. Having lost his parents and not wanting to put a load on his extended family, he comes back to his hometown to learn to be a butler at the Hakureiryō Academy (a private school that teaches both servants/Servant-ed and upper class/Upper-ed students regular schooling and classist schooling, via standard classrooms and teatime serving practice). However, Akiharu is a boy with the luck of Justine, and manages to find himself in all sorts of trouble.

This anime… It’s hard to put into words exactly what this show is like. It’s not like your average harem show (except that the characters don’t get together/have sex, like ALL harem shows – let’s get real here. If you had 20 or more girls all trying to get into your pants, wouldn’t you be a man-whore?), everything in this show is over-the-top. EVERYTHING. They took every single cliche, from every anime in the history of animation, and put it into this show with an exponential of 1 million.

All the girls are disturbed in some way, whether they’re just retarded, naive, or insane/evil. There’s the girl who never seemed to mentally grow past the age of three, who is constantly ripping her clothes off every chance she gets. The mere mention of a bath, the tiniest spill on her dress, and moments later she’s nude and handing a Servant-ed her clothes. I’m constantly yelling at the show, “WTF IS WRONG WITH THAT GIRL?!?” There’s the rich Upper-ed girl, who is very naive and new to the world, but who’s also insanely bitchy with the heart of gold underneath. The cliche clumsy girl, who literally cannot stand on her own two feet for less than five minutes. She is CONSTANTLY falling all over the place, spilling tea all over an Upper-ed, or as is most common in the show, finding some way to suggestively fall onto Akiharu and then try to initiate sex with him. Such as landing with her vagina on his face. And finally, the evil chick, who completely gets off on making people embarrassed.

There’s several more girls, following every cliche imaginable (including a muslim girl and her servant, an ill super-loli, an English otaku, a frightening and most likely gay super-bishounen, and a crossdresser) and yet it doesn’t feel like there’s too much diversity, such as in Ai Yori Aoshi. It’s not being diverse for the sake of it, but is genuinely trying to pull together several different character types to create the most interesting and amusing experience possible.

I don’t think I’ve laughed that sincerely at a show since I first watched Excel Saga.

Yes, there’s not much all that creative in terms of plot, but.. why the fuck are you going to a harem show for a plot? Harem shows aren’t meant to be plot driven, they’re meant to be cockteases and show off fan service. If you’re not here for the fan service or the comedy (which is good old fashioned slapstick, in this show), then you need to find yourself a new show. May I recommend something along the lines of Eureka 7, Darker Than Black, or R.O.D.?

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