InFamous 2 Demo Review

InFamous 2. Not as impressive as it should be, in my opinion.

Beware that there are probably spoilers in this review, as I am assuming you’ve played the first game before hunting down reviews for the second one.

To start with, I don’t really understand where this game lies in the storyline of the last game. Is it meant to be a pre-quel? But, no, he knows that Kessler is going to try to destroy the world and that he needs to get strong enough to kill him (even though we… already did that in the last game, if you play through the good end at least…). And it seems like Cole remembers some of what happened in the last game. Perhaps this one is on a new storyline completely, but it’s really quite confusing!

I liked the first game for it’s mind-twisting ability, and making you have to really think about the storyline in order to fully enjoy the game. This second game just sort of seems like … well, sort of like a sell-out. It’s an amped up version of the first game, taking advantage of the multiple-timelines in order to create some half-assed universe in the middle of the two. But without actually building upon the last game, or fixing any of the issues it had to start with!

In fact, I think the gameplay felt worse. My big problems with the first game was the troubles grabbing onto the sides of buildings in order to climb up them, the jumping onto the power lines (and missing and falling into a pit of gunmen) and the whole ‘aiming’ system. But now, Cole is actually anti-gravity! When he jumps, it feels like he’s floating in the middle of the air for no reason at all! It’s like they just forgot to program the downwards physics, and only programmed the lift. He still manages to miss the powerlines half the time when you make him jump at them, and climbing is just as frustrating as it was in the first game. Then when he’s running, it seems like his feet are made of lead.

I’m also not really big on the new graphics. The graphics in the last game weren’t perfect, but they fit the charisma of the game to a T. All of the characters had pock-marks and rough edges. InFamous 2 turned that completely around. Now Cole suddenly appears to be much younger, without any pock-marks and much less stubble, and with a new, much younger sounding voice actor. Were they trying to appeal more to the ladies? If so, I’m sorry, but you missed the mark completely on that one! Where the character’s faces are much smoother, so are their attitudes. What I played had a lot less mistrust, a lot less playful back and forth, basically no chemistry what-so-ever.

Well, I only played through the demo, so maybe it gets to be better the longer you play it. Maybe they mesh in the first game’s storyline better as the game goes on.

Feel free to check out the trailer for yourself:

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