Dead Nation Review

One of the games available for free due to Sony’s major kerfluffle, resulting in the shutdown of the PSN for over a month, was Dead Nation. Having already purchased LittleBigPlanet and InFamous, I decided to start my free games off with the next best looking one out of the six. Zombies always wins out over everything else!

Have to admit it, this is one game I’m very glad was one of the only options available. It’s very engaging, despite not really having a super great/original plot/storyline. The only real “story” in it is a shitty little cutscene between stages that explains that the two characters (didn’t even catch their names) are trying to find some civilization after realizing that, for ~some reason~ they aren’t susceptible to the zombie virus.

The creepiest stage is the one with the fucking CLOWN zombies. Mental says they’ve been done before, but HOLY MOTHER OF FUCK I’ve never seen zombie clowns, and I about shit myself when I saw them! KILL THE CLOWNS!

The game gets progressively harder, throwing more and more zombies at you as each stage goes along. They give you harder zombies to beat, like the Jumper, who (like his namesake) jumps at you, pounding the ground and sending out a shockwave that hits you if you’re too close. The biggest buzzkill zombie is the screamer, though. He looks like a zombie!Cthulhu, but he just stands there screaming while you pelt him with your SMG. He’ll die after a clip or two.

Even though it gets progressively harder, you’re able to level up your weapons at checkpoints in each stage. There’s a rifle, an SMG, a shotgun (naturally), a flamethrower, a rocket launcher, a SHOCKER (not as cool as it sounds, sadly), a blade gun (definitely as cool as it sounds!), flares (which are highly useful, as they distract the zombies while you shoot them into a pile of rotting bloody swiss cheese), grenades, mines (when you upgrade and they have multiple detonations, it’s extremely useful – very difficult to get used to using when you’re getting chewed on by a hoarde, though), and molotovs (which produce a line of flames that slows the zombies down – I don’t know why fire slows the zombies down, maybe the pretty lights are just distracting).

I do wish that “getting harder” didn’t just mean “we’ll throw all the zombies the PS3 can handle at you,” though. Which, actually, the PS3 cannot handle that much. Get a screen of about 50 zombies heading for your brains, light them on fire, and the poor PS3 struggles. Obviously an evil plot to let the zombies get to your delicious brains. The difficulty almost gets to “bullshit” levels when they throw three Cutters at you at once, though! If they get anywhere near you, they instantly kill you by chopping off your head. And it takes way too much to kill them. Even a rocket to the face doesn’t slow them down. The best you can do is light them on fire, and hope your shotgun will take them down before they recover.

Anyways, it’s totally worth a play. Or two. A lot more if you’ve got good friends to play it with. Killing zombies is always a crowd pleaser.

The very next thing I downloaded was the demo for InFamous 2. More on that later.

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