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Review of Steelseries Siberia v2 USB, and the RMA Process

Friday, November 11th, 2011

I am a recent purchaser of the Steelseries Siberia v2 USB headset, from the company that claims they make professional equipment for professional gamers.

I purchased the headset as “recertified” from, a company that I’ve grown to love and nearly trust. Having a “preferred account” (aka giving them interest payments on my credit) allows me to get free rush shipping and free return shipping if I log into the chat when I have an issue and need to RMA.

The headset I received was nothing less than used. I couldn’t believe any company would ship it out in that condition.

My face when I opened the box.

It smelled very strongly of cigarettes (I first thought that it was a plastic smell, from the packaging, but I very soon realized that it was simply the reek of a neckbeard who smokes indoors while gaming, gross.), some of the paint had chipped off of the metal plating on the drivers, and the microphone… It… It had something on it. I don’t know what, I don’t really want to know! Food, or gum, or something equally nasty like that.

I did try it on, to decide whether I’d want to get a refund on it or RMA it for an exchange. It was quite comfortable, but after only 10 minutes of wearing it, I had to go take a shower. I took the headphones off, wrapped the whole thing back into it’s box, and I could still smell the smoke clinging to my hair. For the record, I didn’t see the gross shit on the microphone until I had the headphones on.

Newegg had already run out of stock on their “recertified” headsets, and all they could do for me at that point was to refund me. :C So instead, I contacted Steelseries directly, hoping they would be willing to do an RMA and let me get a different headset.

I purchased the headset on Sept. 8th, and it arrived that Monday, which was the 12th. I contacted Steelseries by the next day, and it took until the 27th to get enough information out of them to get my package shipped back to them. Lordy. That’s two business weeks of interrogation.

At first, they claimed that they didn’t sell any recertified products, except for their WoW mouse. I didn’t mention that I purchased it from Newegg when I first approached them (honestly didn’t think it was necessary, as I stated that I got it from a retailer and the condition I received it in – they didn’t even ask for my serial number), and was shocked that they just brushed me off like that. Newegg is listed on their website as one of their resellers, so when they told me that they didn’t recertify any of their products for resale, I was really confused.

Newegg has never, knock on wood, done me wrong yet. They even helped me to make sure my husband’s Christmas present arrived on time, and it got here on Christmas Eve that year. They’ve let me RMA components even when they’re a little past the 30 day return period. I couldn’t believe that Newegg was reselling something that Steelseries didn’t support.

It turns out, that they do support the recertified products that Newegg sells. Thank god. I don’t know why there was a mix-up, but I guess I should have mentioned Newegg to start with. That’s a little customer suck on my end, though I think the CS Rep should have asked where I purchased it from before jumping straight to, “We don’t sell recertified,” when they most definitely do.

I filed the RMA request with Steelseries while my PC was still working – it ended up crashing and burning during that period, and I had to ask twice over a period of four days in order to get them to resend my RMA email, which was lost in the abyss of my PC’s failure. However, once I had the address and shipped it out to them, everything else went quite smoothly! They received it, verified that it was in their possession and in the state I told them it was, and shipped a new one out the next day. I was pleasantly surprised, especially after how it seemed like communicating with them was akin to pulling teeth.


The replacement set of headphones arrived approx. 1 week later. It was shipped via UPS Ground from California. When I opened the box, I was extremely surprised and pleased to find a BRAND NEW set of headphones waiting in the box for me.

Overall, these headphones are great, and serve their purpose very well. They were purchased strictly to be gaming headphones for Skyrim (the review for which is currently in process), but I’ve also used them to listen to music. They give a really great depth, and have juuuuuuust a little bit of bass. The perfect amount for my use, at least. They’re obviously not studio quality headphones, but for gaming they’re excellent. The 7.1 surround really helps get you into the game.

The best part about this headset, besides the extremely comfortable suspension-style headband and the cooshy ear-pads that don’t have any hard edges to press into your ears like similar headphones do, is the retractable microphone. It actually gathers sound very well, surprisingly! It can be pulled out, and is very flexible, so the microphone can be in any position needed, so that it’s out of the way of snack foods/drinks/mouths/fingers/what-the-fuck-ever.

If you’d like to get a pair for yourself, here’s a handy-dandy link: Steelseries Siberia v2, 7.1 USB headset

I would say that my RMA experience with Steelseries ended very well, but I hope I never have to go through it again. At least if I do, I know the end result will be good.


Friday, November 11th, 2011

A new update, finally!

Skyrim is in my hands, along with the special collector’s edition guide. There will be a review for both shortly.

But first off, I want to say this loud and upset: The “premium” map that came with the pre-orders? IS NOT CLOTH. I repeat:


Color me red. I was completely under the impression, along with what appears to be the majority of the fans, that it was going to be a burlap map. It’s a paper map, that is of slightly higher quality than normal paper. Not even bristol style paper. It doesn’t “have a feel similar to that of burlap.” It is a cheap, crappy, paper map. Why did I bother pre-ordering and standing in line for hours? I could have gone out tomorrow or waited until the game was $20 a month from now to get it with a slightly shittier, but still PAPER, map.

Well, Skyrim is currently installing, so once I get out of my Skyrim-coma, I will update with a review of the game and the CE strategy guide. In the meantime, check out my favorite Skyrim-related video.