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Sickness fading, nearly time to review again.

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

I’m finally almost healthy again! Sorry for the long wait between reviews, but a sinus infection took me down for the past month. I was very ill while I was running around Anime Boston like a mad-person, and wearing cute pink lolita gear, hunting down all my beloved waifus from K-On and Kodomo no Jikan in Nendoroid and figma form.

Mental and I are currently waiting on a new camera lens to come in, and then we’ll start reviewing new shows and the many, many, many figures I bought while at Anime Boston and that I have preordered.

Included in that list are:
All of the K-On! figmas (except Mio *sad face*)
Yui and Mio Nendoroids (K-On!)
Kuro and Mimi Nendoroids (Kodomo no Jikan)
Ymir Revoltech (Queen’s Blade)
Leina Nendoroid (Queen’s Blade)
Kuroneko Nendoroid (Oreimo – My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute!)

The lens is ordered and should be in by next week, so stay tuned for these new toy reviews!
Once my voice is back to 100%, the next podcast will be up. Should be very soon. :D