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Judge Me Not Podcast…

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

… is cancelled for this week.

Sorry for the delay, but Judge Mint is quite sick, and seal barking probably isn’t something you want to listen to while we babble about anime.

Next week will be postponed as well, since we’ll be at Anime Boston! There will be a Post-Anime Boston report as soon as we return!

… still waiting on that package from Play-Asia. Come on, US Customs, give us our toys!

Evangelion 2.22 – You can (not) advance

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

The second movie in the Evangelion Rebuild… er, the Evangelion: New Adventures, no wait.. uhm, the newest of the Evangelion movies to be created has just recently come out on BD and DVD in the US. It’s in a pretty orange box (which is total shit, unfortunately for Asuka’s beautiful pinup, because the paint keeps chipping all over the place). I got my hands on the BD version, naturally, since I have a PS3 and an HD TV set up in the living room.

I originally watched the movie when I downloaded the *censored to plead the 5th amendment and keep from getting sued by Gainax*. Unfortunately, you could not see anything in that version and it wasn’t subtitled, so we had to guess what was going on. Now that I see it in all it’s beautiful HD glory, I have to admit, it is very much an amazing piece (and THANK GOD the English lines were subtitled too!). Some of Mari’s lines bothered me, maybe just because it feels a little too forced since she’s just talking to herself for the sake of letting the viewer know what’s going on. But she, as I mentioned in the podcast, is a crazy, crazy bitch.

I really wonder how the next movie is going to go down, especially considering that if/when Asuka finds out that someone else was in her Eva, I expect her to go completely batshit and kill everyone.

I love the mostly subtle hints at exactly where the movies stop being the TV show and turn into their own continuity (psst, it has to do with the tape player). You can see the little changes in the characters and the storyline, and I’ve been trying to guess at where it’s going to turn next. Is Kaworu going to just try to fuck up Nerv headquarters with his Eva? Are he and Mari in it together, or is Mari from some third party group that we’ve never come across before?

So many things to be excited to learn about in the next film. Or films. Or double feature. Or… whatever. However many additional films that Gainax knows they can milk us for.